Monday, September 29, 2014

Ping Pong Wizard

Well. Here we go once again.
P day was pretty great. Played some more basketball. I felt like I did really well again. It's like the bane of my existence to be good at it, so yeah. Also I was looking at pictures from before the mission this week and I think I have grown an inch or two. And just a side note, I have only gained like 10ish pounds from when I left. I think I exchanged some fat for some muscle... But only 10 up. I for sure told everyone that I wasn't going to gain more then 10... Goal setting. That's what I'm talking about.
Did I tell ya they built a kneaders down here? So good. I love it. So we went twice this week. Once a member paid for us and then another one gave us a gift card. But the gift card didn't work. That was a bummer. I did get to see some of the people for UC ward there. I lost my mind when I saw Sister Lavulo. She is my favorite. She is the one that has my boots and flag and stuff and is going to send it home to me in November or December. I think she is one lady that I will keep in contact with the rest of my life. She is like my Mum. She's from England by the way. Oh man! I'm seriously like freaking out so excited as I'm typing. She like made my entire week. 
Wednesday we had just a normal day. We had institute but we had to get Sue interviewed for her baptism on Saturday. So we asked Jonsey to do it. He was supposed to be there at 7 but didn't end up getting there til almost 8. So when he finally showed up, that little devil on my shoulder kicked in and I turned to Carlie (The member Fellowshipper) and asked her to go in to the interview. So she did and totally faked it, while we sat out in the hall. Jones did really good. He just treated it like a normal interview and everything... She was just messin with him the whole time. Then I told McCombs to bust into the interview and say, "Carlie! We forgot to tell you about tithing! It's 10%. When he asks you if you want to commit to pay it, just say yes." And then walk out. He did it, but then broke character and told Elder Jones we were messing with him. He lost it. hahaha it was sooo funny. I felt kinda bad about it. I might buy that kid ice cream at some point to make up for it. 
Sue went in after that and passed so it was all good. 
Long story... But it was funny. So. Last week we had to fill up with gas on Saturday. We taught Joseph, the Recent convert that if  you didn't fill up with gas on Sunday and really, really needed too. that you could. But, you should always keep the Sabbath day holy when you can. So we taught him this Saturday. Then of course, naturally, we would forget to fill up the car with gas.... Go figure. So we had to fill up on Sunday. Not a big deal, no way I'm filling it up with water and using the Priesthood to fix it;) 
Then, I lost the gas card the next day.... KARMA. Then I had to call the office and stuff. So he looked up the last purchases... So we had to come in and when we went to get the new gas card, I was the laughing stock of the entire mission office. Yeah. Especially after I told them that about the lesson on Saturday. 
So Elder Presser had some trucks that he bought for the mission. I asked if we could go and pick them up with him. And he told us that we could. It was so much fun to drive with him. He's hilarious. We drove 20 or 30 minutes to the dealer and sat down at this table. I felt like a total boss not going to lie. Then the dealer came and dropped three sets of keys on the table, and another lady that worked there, was like "Yall bought a new car each today??" I just looked and her and said, Yep! It was cool. 
Then we all got to drive in separate cars off the lot. Nothing like driving a new car off the lot. We filled up with gas and had to fight traffic back to the mission office. Here is the thing about San Antonio. Traffic is absolutely crazy. So crazy. And I am the only one that knows my way around it outta us 3. So when we left the dealership we all got separated. Hargraves went the total wrong way, McCombs jumped on one road and I jumped on another... it was a mess. Eventually I drove up and found McCombs on a bridge and it was cool. Both of us made it there in one but... We lost Hargraves... He didn't have the phone of the GPS. 
After like a half hour he finally called us and we had to go find him at a random restaurant. It was hilarious. He is the funniest kid I have ever met in my life. 
After all was said and done it was a 4 hour adventure stuck in traffic. LOOOOLL.
Sue's baptism went really well. She has a really neat story. She gave up a ton to get to where she is at now. Shes great. And super fun to be around. We gave her a mock baptism interview and she rambled on about how she was on parole because her Mexican tradition was to steal a car and she got caught because she couldn't get away. She told the story for 10 minutes and all of us were freaking out. It was super funny. Of course she told us that she was just kidding. She does stuff like that all the time. haha. 
Also. We have the ping pong table still the apt. I have gotten SOO good. we just rally back and forth every possible time that we can. Me, Snow and McCombs. We are going back and forth for who is the best right now... We all have suck different playing styles. But I won't waste yalls time explaining that McCombs has the best backhand and Snow has the best serve and I have the best placement... You have have more important stuff to do. 
Well. I do know that the gospel is true. I do know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. And I do know that Jesus is the Christ. It really is the greatest blessing to know all that. Even though, I'm still just a goof ball. Have a fantastic week. I love you. 
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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